Dishonorable Mention gets the whole crew back together in studio to discuss a plethora of issues from Tampa sports with the Tampa Bay Rays and  USF Football to macro issues like impeachment inquiries and the office of the presidency. There was so much good content we're breaking this week's episode into two bite-sized bits so stay connected to see when our bonus episode is published! 

  • 0:42: Intros, Tampa Bay Times talk, USF Bulls, and sports!
  • 8:35: President Donald Trump keeps digging himself into the Ukraine incident. The hosts discuss impeachment inquiries, removal, the office of the presidency, and the affects on the 2020 election.
  • 23:32: Marco Rubio states the investigation should play out, Governor Desantis backs a presidential protection fund. Should political parties fundraise off of this situation? Should Republicans align with President Trump?
  • 33:42: Which other presidents or elected officials have similar speech patterns to President Trump? Who are the Dishonorables favorite Presidents? 
  • 39:57: Does the level of access in today's connected climate cause for a search for perfection in people?
  • 40:39: Becca talks about her travels to Wisconsin and speakers with various viewpoints being able to speak in public forum regardless of allegiance. 

Bonus Episode: Cyber-Bullying and Joshua Brown.

  • 0:42: Karla discusses her work with a cyber-bullying forum on the campus of USF this past week. She discusses her findings and shares an individual’s story on being cyber-bullied and her experience with UPD.
  • 8:41: What can be done in higher education to make sure victim’s are heard?
  • 18:01: How are we raising men in this country? Is there something we can do to break the cycle?
  • 24:12: Former USF Football Player Joshua Brown was killed over the weekend. He recently testified against Dallas police officer Amber Guyger who shot and killed Botham Jean in his apartment.
  • 33:09: Discussing difficult issues and creating more dialogue is a necessity.
  • 36:20: This week's #Floridaman story, shout-outs, and wrap-up.

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