Ernest, Becca, Karla, and Chris find time in their busy schedules on assignment to record another episode of the Dishonorable Mention Podcast. The hosts even invite special guest Katie Gansler to discuss women in space. 

  • 0:42: We lean into the politainment aspect of the pod with a funny story from Becca, DNA kits
  • 6:58: What have the hosts accomplished this week? Including Ernest's first week with the American Cancer Society- Southwest Florida.
  • 15:40: The importance of not-for-profit organization work, especially during this time of year, and how everyone can be engaged.
  • 23:43: Karla's fired up on comments regarding astronauts and gender.
  • 32:45: Becca talks about a meme that Netflix put out and the reach that social media has. Including the controversy around a certain Peloton ad.
  • 41:50: We bring Katie Gansler on the pod to discuss women in space and much more! 
  • 1:11:27: This week's #FloridaMan story, shout-outs, and wrap-up.

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