The Podcast Network continues with Dishonorable Mention Episode 5. This episode is a topical continuation from Episode 4; we told you there was so much content we had to split it into two podcasts! If you missed us in Episode 4, the hosts talked about the Tampa Mayoral Run-off Election, medical marijuana, and the state-of-the-state by Senator Ron Desantis. Those topics spark my conversation based on reader and listener questions, there is also a special guest; Becca's father Judge Raymond Gross! 

Topics include:

  • 0:40: Listener questions! Collin Sherwin joins the pod to ask a few questions about the Florida Voting System. Rank choice voting. It works in other countries can it work in this city and state? 
  • 4:42: Who is your political spirit animal? Local, regional, national, Chris Latvala? 
  • 9:34: Medical Marijuana and assisting the emerging market to minorities.
  • 10:43: Ernest tells the story about his grandmother and Barack Obama; then the other hosts tell their Obama stories. 
  • 20:57: Becca’s father, Judge Raymond Gross, steps to the mic to discuss elections.
  • 31:39: Two truths and a lie!

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