While everyone was cooped up in their homes feeling helpless, Floridians turned to social media to occupy time, stay in touch with friends and family, share photos and many even grouped together to fight against the powerful hurricanes with comical Facebook events.  During this time, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the powerful storm. The millions of people, thousands of businesses and a whole state in chaos.

The state, especially areas of Tampa Bay, were not nearly impacted as much as it could have been.  Maybe some of it is due to luck, to prayers or even to these fun social events.

Care Bear Stare at Hurricane Irma

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Yell Like Lieutenant Dan at Hurricane Irma

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Death Battle:Hurricane Irma Vs. The I4 Eyesore

7.7k Went, 23k Interested

Perform "Bye Bye Bye" For Hurricane Irma, With Full Choreography

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Leave debris scattered in your yard so Irma thinks she already hit you

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Tell us your Irma story! We'd love to hear how you weathered the storm and see pictures of anything you'd like to share. If you're looking for Things to Do in Tampa now that the storm is over, get connected with 813area - we promise to have some real events you'll enjoy!