Home to many Happy Hour Deals the one thing that ALWAYS bugged me about Happy Hour was missing them!!!  Are you like me, do you get off work, get home, take care of your animals, freshen up, decide WHERE to go for Happy Hour with your friends and loved ones, then, by the time you get there, the specials are over? Equally frustrating is working all week and finding out the bar or restaurant you chose for #FridayFunday does not offer Happy Hour on Fridays, or maybe you are out on a Saturday night!  What happened to 7 day a week happy hour?  I remember a time not that long ago when 7 day a week happy hours were the trend!  What happened Tampa?

7 Day a Week Happy Hour, A+ Cocktails and Killer Bar Food in Tampa

Often grunge bars, or places with huge fabric accordion doors separating the bar from the Chinese restaurant on the other side, you rarely found 7 day a week happy hours as an upscale, chic experience complete with A+ craft cocktails and 5-star food like a Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with a Tomato Jam!  So, are you dying to know WHERE you can get award-winning food, stunning cocktails and free samples in a relaxing, first-class environment 7 days a week in Tampa?  

Meet me at Pelagia​, my new favorite happy hour spot!  On exclusive assignment to try Pelagia's Amazing Dinner for Two I'd been to Gabriella's in the hotel lobby to sample Gab's Mojito for Where to Find the Best Rum Cocktails in Tampa (I know, tough job but someone has to do it!). What I did not know, until I returned to try the hotel's new Four-Course Dinner for Two, was Pelagia had gone old-school, BACK to the days of 7 day a week happy hours!  Cheers Tampa and thank you Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel!
How many times have you schlepped around International Plaza wishing there was a place where you could escape for a great drink, a place to relax, grab a bite, and unwind! For me, it's every time!  I usually ended up at the Pub, Cheesecake Factory or one of the other franchise places wishing there was something better!  Well, now there is something to fill that bill to a 'P', Pelagia Trattoria At Renaissance Tampa.
Even better, every third Thursday Pelagia hosts Havana Nights featuring live Latin musicians Son Con Sabor on the Pelagia Patio from 7-10 pm with a cigar rolling demonstration, opportunities to purchase fine cigars and more at this extended Happy Hour!  I never know what I will see, it's always different and we meet interesting people!  The setting at Pelagia is modern relaxed, laid back, and the dress is casual, just come as you are and have fun! My husband loves their Crispy Calamari steaks, and we always share an order of Crunchy Olives!. My husband can enjoy his favorite beers while I enjoy fresh-made drinks while we are saving, 7 days a week!

The Patio

Happy Hour at Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel is from 5:00 to 7:00 daily.  Here you can enjoy Featured $5 Drinks like a Classic Margarita, House Made Sangria, House Wells, Wines and Domestic Bottled Beers.  Happy Hour Appetizers include the Pelagia Crab Cake, a Jumbo Lump Blue Crab with a Tomato Jam, Crispy Calamari: lightly breaded Calamari Steaks with a tart Pizzaiola Sauce, Crunchy Olives, lightly breaded they are stuffed with spicy chorizo, or the Tomato Baguette, with Goat Cheese and Basil Pesto! Each of these appetizers is only $6 during Happy Hour.  Their regular bar Menu out at Gabriella's (the lobby bar) includes other favorites like Pork Belly Tacos and Buttermilk Fried Quail, the Gab's Mojito and Pineapple Diddy! I recommend asking to see if they will fire or mix these up for you too!  

Crab Cake with Tomato Jam

We recommend making Pelagia Trattoria At Renaissance Tampa a ritual stop for their 7 day a week happy hour or anytime you find yourself in the Plaza with a little time to spare. There's no better way to spend a spare moment than relaxing at Pelagia, cool drink in hand, and at ease with the world around you. Pelagia is one of Tampa's BEST Happy Hour spots! Stop by and let us know what you think!