Oh, what a night! Cocktails & Couture benefitting Pride & Passion, held last Saturday at The RITZ Ybor, was packed with hundreds of people supporting local artists of all kinds from fashion designers to performance artists and dancers, models and hair stylists, the event was full of dynamic people and we had a great time.

I made this a girls' night because I'm pretty sure my husband would rather watch re-runs of the same football game than attend a fashion show. It's just, NOT HIS THING.  So I called up two of my favorite people and invited them to attend with me and made a fun night out of it. We loved the designer cocktails. Cocoa Chanel? Yes please.

My girls Christina, Hetal and I took in the vibrant sights and sounds of this event and then stayed in Ybor City for some late night fun after the last fashion show.

The Ritz Ybor is a super cool venue for this type of event, and I'm not sure why I take for granted that it's right here in my hometown. First of all it's huge, so there's plenty of space for everyone to spread out. The decor is eclectic and not your usual cookie cutter club that looks the same as the last.

It has character and it feels like you're not in Tampa anymore when you're in there. It has a really big city feel to it, like when you're in New York City at 2 A.M. in the Meatpacking District and you stumble upon this really sick place that has all these haute rooms with interesting decor and even more interesting looking people. 

I've been to this event before, as a matter of fact Hetal and I attended last year too and it never disappoints because you are in sensory overload mode just enjoying the melting pot that is Ybor City. I'm a sucker for all kinds of art; the more edgy the better. This event had EDGE written all over it and that's precisely what makes it so much fun.

The music was awesome too I had to get up and dance a bit so shout out to DJ Krouth and a big shout out to all the event planners, designers, models, sponsors and artists that worked hard to bring this kind of event to life. 

I love what these people are doing to bring Tampa to the next level.
I'll be back next year.