By: Andrew Silverstein

Being a city guide to all things Tampa Bay, we tend to get a variety of questions regarding a ton stuff in this awesome city of ours.  Far and beyond though, the majority of these questions relate to Tampa nightlife.  Here are a few of the most common and some (hopefully) helpful answers to all of them.

How late are bars open in Tampa?

It varies by location, but all are allowed to be open until 3 a.m. at the latest.  Head to any great nightlife district in Tampa like Ybor City, Channelside, or Hyde Park and you'll find a host of places open till this early morning hour.  From AjA in Channelside to Hyde Park Cafe, Mangroves, and a ton others, you can hop from bar to bar in these Tampa nightlife districts until the wee hours of the a.m.

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino is open even later since it's on Native American owned land and not subject to the county's drinking laws.  Their nightclub is open until 6 a.m. and grabbing a drink is possible 24/7 on the hotel's premises.

How late are liquor stores open in Tampa?

While the majority tend to stay open until 11 or 12, liquor stores are allowed to stay open until 3 a.m. just like the bars in Tampa.  Liquor Depot, Prime Time Liquors, and The Hub Bar are a few places that sell liquor this late.  Search around, there are probably a few more others as well.

What are the major Nightlife Districts in Tampa?

Ybor City is the largest district with bars and clubs of every kind. Some of the most long time standing are Green Iguana, Coyote Ugly, Reservoir Bar and Club Prana. Hyde Park, particularly SoHo, is a more trendy nightlife district with more bars or intimate dance clubs. Mangroves, The Rack, Hyde Park Cafe, Cheap and MacDinton's are of the most popular. Channelside has been a mixed entertainment complex. From 2004 to the economy crash around 2008, the Channelside Plaza was thriving with nightlife. Banana Joe's, Sling Shots and Splitsville. Now the district is struggling to regain its standing in the nightlife scene.

Where can I catch a late night meal?

Plan to have a late night or already have a late night? There are several options for dinner or munchies after hours. Here are a few options for late night dining in Tampa.