We're not bringing you anything new here, but, man does it get hot during the summer in Tampa;  like, "have to take a shower after 20 minutes outside" hot.  It's no fun, but what are you gonna do?

Well, fight mother nature's deathly Florida heat and pick up a frozen drink with some friends at any of these places.  You'll be feeling cool, refreshed, and maybe just a little buzzed in no time.

Centro Cantina - If you find yourself in Ybor City, sweating through your clothes, and in need of a drink, Centro Cantina in Centro Ybor will do you solid.  Enjoy an assortment of 14 frozen liquor drinks like the Rum Runner - rum with blackberry and banana liqueur - and the Centro Colada with coconut rum, tropical pineapple, and coconut,

Wet Willie's - Wet Willie's in Channelside definitely takes the cake when it comes to offering the biggest assortment of frozen drinks in Tampa.  It's pretty much their specialty.  The Call a Cab frozen drink is no joke; made with the strongest of strong alcohol, grain liquor, this thing will have you calling a cab if you get too overzealous.  The Attitude Improvement is another Willie's original with a tangy orange flavoring, grain alcohol, and Bacardi rum.

Daquiri Deck - If you're feeling beach-y, and, come on, you really should in Florida during the summer, head to Madeira Beach and check out the Daiquiri Deck.  It's across our beloved Tampa Bay, but what good beach isn't?

Once you're there, sip on something from their ginormous daiquiri menu perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day.  Try a Purple Haze with rum, bourbon, diesel fuel, and grape, or sip on a Strawberry Shortcake with strawberries, coconut, and pina colada topped with 151 rum.

Bahama Breeze - If you're looking for some modern, Caribbean feel while you're in Tampa, Bahama Breeze is the right place.  In addition to a world-class menu of island-inspired food, they've got no shortage of refreshing frozen drinks.

Sip on their famous Frozen Bahamarita with Cuervo Gold Tequila, kiwi, strawberry, and mango ices.  Or, try the Ultimate Pina Colada made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, strawberry ice, and Myer’s Dark Rum.