By: Sally Baker

It all began with a used car lot called Love's.  Lynn Love brought to South Tampa a flare and ambiance with his combination of businesses with his used car lot and antiques store.  It was some time after that he decided to turn his business savvy into what is now one of the most unique and entertaining bar and grills in Tampa.  Today, his establishment is known as Love's Artifacts Bar & Grille in South Tampa.

Lynn took the antiques from his store and used them as the decor for his used car lot turned bar and grill.  The lot offers enough parking for guests, which is hard to find at most bars in Tampa.  The ambiance inside is a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes guests feel as though they have been invited home.  To this day, people will bring artifacts of their own to give to Lynn to add to the unique decor of his establishment.  The walls are covered with items like vintage firemen's outfits, old telephones, Christmas lights, blazers, records and even pictures drawn for Love's.

In addition to the warm and friendly atmosphere at Love's Artifacts, customers can indulge in incredible dishes like the peanut butter stuffed peppers.  The quality in the food is always better than par and is matched with their many drink choices from a delicious Purple Haze brew to perfectly crafted mixed drinks.  There are board games scattered throughout the bar and dining area bringing another unique flare and entertainment that can only be found at Love's Artifacts in South Tampa.  To top it all off, Lynn provides live music from Thursday through Sunday by some of the best talent that can be heard in Tampa Bay.

Every so often, people can find Lynn himself relaxing at this Tampa pride and joy while mingling with guests and making sure everyone feels at home.  Happiness of the people seems to be Lynn Love's motto, and he delivers flawlessly every time.

Love's Artifacts Bar & Grille is a must-experience for anyone in the Tampa area.  Truly a place where locals and visitors can come and enjoy day or night, with endless entertainment and impeccable service.  Stop into Love's Artifacts, say hi to Lynn and experience what you have been missing at this local favorite in Tampa.