Tension, suspense and adventure, these things and more can be found at Seminole Heights’ new and captivating experience, Rabbit Hole Escape Games
Escape rooms first became popular in parts of Asia and Europe. Now they are taking over the Tampa Bay Area in all the best ways. Large groups can book private rooms or individuals can join strangers to form a strong team. Either way, the goal is to work together to accomplish the goal: using brainpower to solve the mysteries, escaping your room!
There is no physical power involved in the rooms at Rabbit Hole Escape Games. In fact, what this experience requires is even more challenging and exciting. Each room – “The Bermuda Triangle,” “Space Mining” and “Polly’s Peculiar Pet Store” makes skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork an absolute blast. 

All photos courtesy of Rabbit Hole Escape Games' official website.
The escape experience at Rabbit Hole Escape Games currently features three rooms, each with its own plot and array of challenges. The first of these rooms is the original, called “The Bermuda Triangle.”

While in “The Bermuda Triangle,” teams must work together to escape their sinking ship. Don’t worry; it’s a figurative ship! The question posed on Rabbit Hole Escape Games’ website asks, “can you escape before you vanish into thin air, or are sucked down deep in the ocean never to be seen again?”

If you want more of a challenge, try the newly opened “Space Mining” room. In this escape scenario, up to six participants work together to escape an alien research lab in outer space and make it back to their space station. Guests must complete this task before it’s too late or they will be stuck mining for the aliens… forever! 

While “The Bermuda Triangle” and “Space Mining” are geared towards adults, Rabbit Hole Escape Games keeps kids in mind! Children ages 7-12 have their own activity room, “Polly’s Peculiar Pet Store.” This is not an escape scenario as intense as the first two but it does encourage similar uses of problem solving and teamwork. It's the perfect fit for the kiddos! 
Each event takes about 1.5 hours and prices vary per room. Are you celebrating your birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party? The guest of honor’s admission is on the house!
If you’re looking for a fun event in Tampa Bay, book a visit to Rabbit Hole Escape Games!
Located at:
5120 N Florida Ave
Tampa FL, 33603