Everyone has their favorite Tampa bar or late-night spot to hang out on the weekends, but sometimes the crowds can be just too much! If you’re in the market for a secret bar (otherwise known as a speakeasy) to get a taste of how alcohol was served back when it was illegal, then this is the list for you. While some are more hidden than others, all of these bars evoke the spirit of the venues that inspired them. 

Photo courtesy of Kristina Flour on Unsplash. 

Ciro's Speakeasy and Supper Club
4.6  5 Rating (3)
2109 Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa FL, 33606
Tampa’s most renowned speakeasy is perfect for those who want a refined, curated experience. Ciro’s provides patrons with a wide selection of vibrant, delicious cocktails while creating a classic atmosphere with all the comforts of modern day. For an intimate evening on the town, visit Ciro’s. Just make sure you call ahead and get the password, or else you’ll have to guess at the door!
CW's Gin Joint
633 N Franklin St, Tampa FL, 33602
For an interesting alternative to a standard night out that still keeps things classy, look no further than the Gin Joint. Specializing in custom cocktails of all kinds, both with gin and without, the bartenders at the Gin Joint are always experimenting to create new and exciting combinations. Don’t know what to order? Ask for the “bartender’s choice,” and they will craft you a customized drink to your exact taste.
SpookEasy Lounge
1919 East 7th Ave, Tampa FL, 33605
Looking for something even more alternative? Look no further than the SpookEasy Lounge, “the Most Haunted Kava Bar in the World”. Located upstairs in the Stone Soup Company building, this bar actually serves herbal tea, kava, and coffee, in addition to the full bar located downstairs. With nightly events and a gothic aesthetic, SpookEasy creates the feeling of a speakeasy while being welcoming and different. Visit during the day or at night for vastly different experiences!
Mandarin Heights
4.7  5 Rating (2)
5901 North Florida Ave, Tampa FL, 33604
Hidden away in the same building as Bodega’s Seminole Heights location is Mandarin Heights, a sister bar to Mandarin Hide over in St. Pete. Known for its cute aesthetic and whimsical atmosphere, this modern lounge tries its best to ensure that every visitor is having a fun time. Everything on the cocktail menu is an experiment and the list will keep updating, but try a Flamingo Fizz if you want something refreshing!
Repeal 18
4.1  5 Rating (5)
9882 West Linebaugh Ave, Tampa FL, 33626
Repeal 18 is the proudest a bar could be about being a bar. This place is home to almost 400 different whiskeys, wild cocktails, and plenty of brews to keep the party going until late in the night. With all the trappings of a prohibition-era speakeasy, Repeal 18 offers patrons free games, friendly service, and a good time.
453 Edgewater Dr, Dunedin FL, 34698
Now this is a place with some history. Back during the age of prohibition, the Fenway Hotel kept a speakeasy in the basement in order to hide from the police. People would enjoy their drinks by the radio, unable to see the light from the outside. Now, the Hi-Fi sits proudly on the roof of the hotel, maintaining its vintage aesthetic of times passed while also opening up patrons to the fresh ocean air. It’s an ideal place for lovers of reproduced hi-fi radio (hence the name) to watch the sunset with a fruity cocktail in your hand.
The Beer Shed
0.0  1 Rating (1)
11222 Casa Loma Dr, Riverview FL, 33569
If you care more about the experience of what a speakeasy would have been like in the past, and less about the looks or the trappings, Beer Shed is a quality pick. The Shed has a menu almost entirely comprised of beer (save for a few wines) and serves a diverse clientele from bikers to students who all share one thing in common: their need for a drink. Combine that with the live music and scenic location on top of the Alafia River, and this little dive will certainly make you want to come back again.

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