Life is stressful. Everyone has something that overwhelms them sometimes, and you need to just take a break. You need some time to get away from it all. Medusa Lounge in Tampa is one of the best places in the area when you’re looking for a great place to relax and have a good time.

Conveniently located on Armenia Avenue, Medusa Lounge is more than just another night club. From their music to their hookahs, everything about this place gives you good vibes and a great experience. You’ll also find other amazing locals in this Tampa gem. So, dress well. You don’t want to wear shorts and flip flops here because you never know who you’re going to meet.

Medusa Lounge always has something going on. Any night of the week, take a group of five or more of your girlfriends out, and receive free champagne. Saturdays are Spanish night. So, visit on a Saturday between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. to surround yourself with Latin music in a fun, laid-back environment.

The lounge has several theme nights throughout the week such as Throwback Thursday where they play music from past decades and Spanglish Fridays where they play both Spanish and English hip-hop music.  No matter what day you visit, you’ll find amazing drinks and cocktails with names that follow the Medusa theme. You’ll never forget the muse for this awesome hangout with drinks like Snakes on the Beach.

The most important thing about Medusa Lounge is that all people, no matter the nationality, gender, or culture, feel comfortable and at home while hanging out at this club. The lounge is just large enough to have a good time and just small enough to cozy up with some friends. Whether you want to dance and have a good time or you want to chill out and relax, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking here at the Medusa Lounge!

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Cover photo courtesy of Medusa Lounge Facebook