It is a special kind of person that prefers a martini for their cocktail of choice.  Martini lovers can be classified as distinguished, refined, classy and individuals with obviously great decision making skills.  For the society of martini drinkers, especially those widely educated on the art of martinis, it is vital to indulge in these cocktails at only the best martini bars in Tampa.

Blue Martini – The name says it, the reputation screams it, but the martinis prove it.  Blue Martini is a prime destination for exquisite martinis made by the professionals themselves.  Paired with their impeccable martinis, is the ambiance of the environment and type of crowd that gathers here.  It is not just the drink that matters, but where you drink it.

717 South – Known as an upscale restaurant to dine, 717 also boasts some of the best martinis in Tampa Bay.  Let the flavors of their martinis and the unique environment take you away as you enjoy everything your senses can handle.

Oak Room – The specialty martinis at Oak Room, an upscale venue, are what make them known to the martini lovers in Tampa.  Enjoy music by the pianist while you sip at your one of a kind martini at Oak Room.

Mangroves – The place where dreams come true.  Mangroves always delivers to their guests from cuisine, atmosphere, entertainment and of course… martinis.  Many locals will tell you that Mangroves is one of the best places to get a martini in Tampa, but the proof is in the cocktail so find out for yourself!

The Rack – We know them for their unique and fun combination of pool tables and excellent sushi, but The Rack takes it one further with their martinis.  It is as if they have a secret martini chef, if there is such a thing, hidden behind the bar.  The Rack in South Tampa is a great place to eat sushi with friends and treat yourself to what every experienced martini drink already knows; that they have some of the best martinis in Tampa!

All of these places, in no particular order, have strong reputations for being the best martini bars in Tampa.  Find out what makes each one similar in this aspect, but different in their own creative ways.  Choose your favorites and make sure to rate and review, because it is your opinion that matters!