Digital marketing has become the latest and greatest field to market your home after listing it for sale. The majority of people looking to buy start their search online. There are many ways that you can digitally help your home stand out. You can work in tandem with your real estate agent to launch some of the simple digital marketing strategies to sell your home.

Ensure Listing on Real Estate Websites
One of the very first things that you or your real estate agent should do is to ensure your home is listed on all major websites. These include Trulia and Zillow, among many others. Ask your real estate agent if there are any more local sites that you can submit your home posting in addition to the major sites.

1. Use Pay-Per-Click Ads
Pay-per-click is one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise your home. Consider allocating a modest amount of money to advertise your home digitally. You can market an ad for your home’s listing directly for people that have already searched on keywords such as “homes for sale in X neighborhood.”

2. Use Remarketing
Remarketing is an excellent way to draw people back to your home’s listing only after they have already been there once. This will help greatly set you apart by serving as a reminder of your gorgeous home. Remember, people looking for a home are typically looking at a minimum of a few dozen at a home. Remarketing helps your home stand out.

3. Utilize Social Media
Many people are hesitant to market their home on social media or even announce that their home is for sale. Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool. First, start with marketing your home on your personal social accounts, family’s social accounts, and any friends or neighbors that would be comfortable sharing your home’s listing. Additionally, many cities have their own Facebook groups or pages dedicated to real estate or simply to community news. Share your home’s listing on these pages as well. You never know who might be looking!

4. Take Attractive Professional Photos and Videos
Most people start their search for a home digitally. This means that photos are more important than ever. Surely you know that it is important to hire a professional real estate photographer. However, people searching for homes online want more detail than ever. Consider working with a photographer that also has video capabilities to provide prospective buyers with custom walk-through videos of your home. If your home has extensive land or some type of great feature on the property, ask about drone photography. The better photography and videography you can have, the better it will be marketed in all digital capacities.

5. Use the Latest Technology to Find an Exceptional Real Estate Agent
Most people without a referral for a real estate agent tend to start online. It can be very overwhelming to search for a real estate agent online. Effective Agents can help you find a top-selling Realtor® using their specific algorithm to provide you with a custom list of real estate agents that been proven by actual statistical data. It's targeted to find the best Realtors® in your area. Effective Agents can help take all the stress out of selling your home. Contact them today! Research selling your home or give them a call at 855.472.9275. 

Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash