When it comes to finding the top realtors in Tampa, it's not just the reviews on Trulia and Zillow that matter.  The ratings for top rated realtors are in the numbers.

Effective Agents, a local Tampa Bay company is doing just that.  They compile sales data along with a lot of other data to calculate the top realtors in Tampa by zip code.

The ever growing real estate in Tampa is becoming more competitve between real estate agents.  Homebuyers and sellers are turning to the internet and technology to help match them with the people and companies that will help them most.

When you want to sell your home in Tampa, you want a real estate agent that is going to get you the best sales price you can get without a lot of extra fees and expenses.  So, turn to the numbers and find top real estate agents that return the best value to the home seller.

For more details on Effective Agents and how you can find the top realtors in Tampa, visit their website effectiveagents.com and fill out the simple contact form..