Bayshore Boulevard is easily one of the best Tampa attractions for those looking to enjoy a little recreation in Tampa and have some fun in the sun.  From romantic walks as the sun sets to high-energy jogs down this long, waterside pathway, the opportunities for getting active and having fun on Bayshore Boulevard are seemingly endless.

Many enjoy Bayshore Boulevard because of its long, continuous sidewalk.  This 10-foot wide monstrosity runs 4.5 miles down the Tampa waterfront and is claimed to be the world's longest continuous sidewalk.  This is ideal for anyone seeking a long, undisturbed run, walk, skate session, and more.

And, the view.  There are few, if any, other places in Tampa where you can look right out into the Tampa Bay on one side, then see a whole host of beautiful, historic houses on the other, many of which are on the National Historic Register.  As the sun sets, this view becomes nothing short of stunning.

There are also a handful of amenities lining the walkway to accomodate runners and casual strollers alike.  All along Bayshore there are benches, water fountains, bicycle parking, a city marina and fitness stations.  In addition, a handful of city parks sit within a stone's throw from Bayshore Boulevard providing parking and other recreational ammenities.

Bayshore Boulevard begins from the north at the half-acre Columbus Statue Park at Platt Street and ends 4.5 miles later at Gandy Boulevard.  Other parks on Bayshore Boulevard include Bay to Bay Park, Ballast Point Park and Fred Ball Park.  Each of these provide parking an amenities including picnic shelters, running trails, playgrounds, restrooms, and more.

Sound fun?  Head out and get familiar with this legendary Tampa boulevard soon.  You won't regret it.