By: Sally Baker

Not to be confused with other similarly named islands in nearby counties, Beer Can Island near Tampa is a favorite for the Tampa locals that know about it.  Officially called Pine Key Island, it is located just southeast of MacDill AFB in the waters between Apollo and MacDill.  Beer Can Island is popular for many types of recreation from boating and fishing to camping and, of course, partying.  There are two very different atmospheres on Beer Can Island, depending on the time of year that suits each of these types of recreation more appropriately.

Summer in Tampa, for example, is when Beer Can Island gets pretty crowded with boats and people looking to ‘knock a few back’ and camp out for the night.  The summer is definitely more of an energetic party season on Beer Can Island.

When the Florida winter comes, however, Beer Can Island becomes much more serene and calm.  Families come out to camp or picnic and there are far less boats found on the island this time of year.  With fishing in Tampa being a popular activity for locals and tourists, this is a good time of year to head out to Beer Can Island.  Local fishermen enjoy the calmness of the island in the winter months and the less disturbed waters by summer boaters and partiers.

No matter what type of recreation you prefer, one thing in common is the boating in Tampa Bay that people love so much.  Boat to Beer Can Island to party in the summer or fish and relax with the family in the winter, but if you mix these seasons up you may just find yourself in a less than ideal atmosphere.