Dog parks are a great way for you and your pooch to break the daily walk, go to work, walk, feed, sleep routine and get out in the community to have some four-legged fun. Check out any of these fun dog parks around Tampa and give Fido a little exercise and TLC.  If he/she gets worn out, sleeps, and  snores the rest of the day that's a good thing right~

Davis Island Dog Beach 1002 Severn Street, Tampa, 33606 Davis Island Dog Beach offers two parks - one beachfront, one dry - perfect for both water-friendly and not so water-friendly pups. The dry park offers a double-gated entry, picnic tables, drinking water, and waste stations.  The beachfront has a gate as well which extends into the water so the adventurous ones can't swim away.  Showers are available by the beachfront as well so you and the pooch don't leave as salty dogs.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Dog Park 600 N Ashley Drive, Tampa, 33602 At Curtix Hixon Waterfront Dog Park, your dog will be able to enjoy obstacles and more at this new waterfront park.  Downtown residents with no backyard space will appreciate the convenience this park provides.  Also, free water's provided for all dogs.

Palma Ceia Dog Park 2200 Marti St., Tampa, 33629 Let Fido run free like he was meant to at Palma Ceia Dog Park in South Tampa.  The park is mostly shaded, making it perfect for watching your dog in relative comfort on those hot summer days.  Separate areas for large and small dogs make it safe for all dog types, too.

West Dog Park 6402 Occident St., Tampa, 33614 Hillsborough County's first official dog park, West Dog Park is a haven for Tampa dogs and owners alike.  Tucked away in a largely industrial neighborhood, West Dog Park boasts a huge, fenced field for dogs, shaded patios for the owners, and always-filled water buckets perfect for re-hydrating (the dogs, we mean). The park holds a costume contest at Halloween, a popular dog biscuit hunt on Easter, and a gift drive during the holidays, "Presents for Pups".

Rowlett Dog Park 2401 E. Yukon St., Tampa, 33604 This might be the only dog park that boasts "agility equipment" as an amenity at the park.  Let the pooch hop, skip, and jump over the equipment like some world-class canine athlete while you hang out on the benches and soak up the sun.  Disposal bags, trashcans, and tables also available. Always keep a close eye on your dog as anyone can bring any dog to these public parks.  As much as we'd love for all dogs to frolic happily together, sometimes that's not always the case.  Rabies is real!  So are aggressive dogs with inattentive owners.  Be safe and, most importantly, have fun.

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