As a business owner and operator of Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag,  Brad Cohen also has roles as a corporate trainer, team leader, hiring specialist extraordinaire, mentor and friend to his loyal customers, employees, and community. Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag has been family-owned and managed for the last twenty-two years by Brad and his brother Robert, with Ilya Scargill - an international laser tag tournament player - joining the business two years ago. 

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag is 6,000 square feet of state-of-the-art fully interactive laser tag fun. There are high-tech vests with laser sensors and pulsating lights that talk while you play. Beams of green and red light up the room and talk to you while you strategize your next move. It’s a game of stealth and team strategy that can be altered for all experience levels, and for those that are differently-abled. Laser tag is a popular event for birthday parties, school groups, church youth groups, sports teams, fraternity and sorority functions, and corporate events from training sessions to social parties. It's a great date night because it's an activity that a couple can share and talk about - not just sit across from each other at a restaurant table for two hours. 

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag is popular for corporate training. Cohen likes to think of it as his team helping each group practice problem solving on the fly. A Q-ZAR Laser Tag Company Event offers private conference rooms for training before or after each laser tag game. Cohen has a knack for employee training and helps groups bolster team spirit or reach a list of objectives if that’s on the agenda. Some corporate groups just want to blow off steam and have fun outside of the office. A Q-ZAR event is especially fun for employees who might enjoy zapping the boss a few times. Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag's corporate clients include TECO, Capital One, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Wells Fargo, Met Life and the Rookie Team Building Symposium for the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who enjoy the training and fun.

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag also offers customized events like youth group overnight lock-ins, networking events and sales meetings. Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag can open early or stay late for groups wanting a private session. Cohen on Q-ZAR Laser Tag Birthday Parties, “It’s an instant party—just add kids! You bring the kids and the cake, and we do everything else.”

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag takes the stress out of organizing group events—offering email and paper invitations, promotional posters, a dedicated party coordinator, plus a food court and catered food packages to maximize your special event.

Tampa resident Trey Crawford loves playing laser tag with his son, Riley. While he has played at more than ten other laser tag places, Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag remains his favorite. Crawford says, “ Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag has the nicest laser tag setup in the Tampa Bay Area—by far."

Samson Snyder, camp counselor at Traditional Taekwondo Center of South Tampa, takes his campers to Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag regularly—at least twice a month during the summer and on school breaks. He says, “Anytime I mention that we’re coming, the kids get excited. They usually mention attending a birthday party recently and their laser tag scores. They love the new arcade games too.”

Customers keep returning to Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag in large part because of the excellent service provided by Cohen’s fiercely loyal staff. Janessa Garcia, one of four bilingual staffers, has been with Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag for seven years since she was a sophomore in high school. She gushes about Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag, “It’s more like family here. Brad has always looked out for me and taught me a lot about the importance of quality customer service.”

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag hires nurturers—people who take pride in ensuring each guest is safe, comfortable and having a stellar time. Cohen trains his employees to consistently monitor happenings at the center to ensure every guest has a blast. With over two decades of understanding the wants and needs of his clientele, Cohen takes that knowledge and applies it to making each event optimally fun. “One of the most recent changes we have made is to provide smaller, lighter Q-Zar lasers for the younger siblings – ages 4 to 6—who want to play with their older siblings. And when the parents and grandparents join in too, it really becomes a family party,” said Cohen.

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag is located at 7807 N. Dale Mabry. Visit Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag on-line to book your party or call 813.933.6995 for more information.

Q-ZAR Tampa Laser Tag is featuring a raffle the next three months on social media. Register on Facebook. Monthly winners will be emailed a Family Fun Pack good for four free games, a large cheese pizza and a pitcher of their favorite Pepsi product.