Do you think of yourself as an adventurer?  Someone who isn't afraid of tackling new experiences?  Then, skydiving is probably right up your alley.  Many people head out to skydive to get a one of a kind thrill that's hard to forget.  If you're looking to brave this bold activity, there are plenty of safe, respectable companies that offer skydiving in Tampa.  Remember, you must be at least 18 to skydive and generally, must weigh under 220 pounds to jump.

Jump Florida Skydiving - This North Tampa skydiving center is a top notch place to go skydiving and do it right.  With less than 10 minutes of training you'll be up in the plane preparing for your jump.  They're the only drop zone in Florida with a 100% record of safe skydiving in Tampa.  Tandem jumps are $199.

Skydive City - Located in Zephyrhills, this skydiving center is a safe, reputable place to try this daring activity for the first time.  They'll give you a thorough, 20-minute course with all you need to know before you're flying up in the sky.  They're open seven days a week and a great place to jump.  First time tandem jumps are $199.

Skydive Tampa Bay - Skydive Tampa Bay is located 10 miles east of Brandon in Mulberry.  Tandem training jumps, just like the two previous establishments, are only $199 and will get you all the gear and know-how you need for your first jump.  Skydive Tampa Bay takes pride in their unbeatable safety record and will provide a great first time experience for skydiving in Tampa.