The new year is a great time to break out of old routines and try something completely new, and on January 5th you will be given the opportunity to experience 2014's first ever Spinjam.
What is a Spinjam?  Spinjam is a relaxing, fun, laid back environment in which to play with and learn props that spin – hula hoops, poi (literally “ball on a cord” originating with the Maori tribe of New Zealand), staffs (staff dancing is excellent for strengthening the body, increasing coordination, and creating a sense of calm and confidence), juggling, rope darts, and anything else relating to body or object manipulation.  The Tampa Spin Jam will also include Acro and Inversion Yoga.  Yoga Inversions are a great way to release endorphins and benefit the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous and endocrine systems.  AcroYoga is a physical practice which blends elements of yoga, acrobatics, and performance art.
Tampa Bay Flow Tribe will be hosting the first Spinjam of the year at Cypress Point Park in Tampa.  Located off the Westshore Boulevard exit of I-275 at 5620 West Cypress Street, you’ll find plenty of shade, picnic tables, and parking. Spinning should begin around noon and typically will last until sunset or later. Meetings are typically by the left-most pavilion by the picnic table near a big tree with shade.
The best part?  Workshops are FREE!
All skill levels, all ages, and all props are invited to this event, and participation of any kind is welcomed.  This is a safe and inclusive meeting to further knowledge of your props, learn something new, and meet other like minded people.  Make sure to bring your props ( extra sets are always available for you to spin and dance with), water, food, sunscreen, friends and love.  If you play a musical instrument, you are also more than welcome to bring it!
For questions, directions, or more information free to call or text Kory San at 813.956.2235.