Charley's Steak House in Tampa has won countless awards for Best Steakhouses in Tampa year and year again.  Reason being, Charley's brings the meat!  Before we delve into the insanely tender details of the steaks at Charley's, let's mention what else makes this steakhouse in Tampa so popular.  The wine selection, appetizers, incredibly educated staff and upscale ambiance are all what add to the amazing steaks found at Charley's.

Once you are seated comfortably in one of their many plush booths or tables, the professional server will greet you while walking you through the process if you are a first timer.  The server will make suggestions for wine depending on your tastes and guests are also invited to sample before choosing.

Although the steak at Charley's will more than fill you up, the appetizers are definitely worth experiencing. The crab cake paired with mango is the perfect reduction served hot on a wooden plate.  Bread will also come before your meal, but I would suggest keeping the bread to the side.  This is one place you do not want to fill up before the main course.

You can now choose from the menu or, as most do, choose from the presentation of cuts the server brings out.  He or she will explain each cut and its popularity.  Whether you want a more healthy option or a full out fatty slice of steak, your taste buds will not know what hit them.  Tender doesn't come close to describing these steaks which seem to be made from the steak gods above!

There are so many options, sides, sauces, wines and more to choose from so take your time.  Make an evening out of this experience and enjoy one of the best steakhouses in Tampa at Charley's.