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Cocktails Through Time at the Epicurean Hotel with Bacardi was an event dedicated to how the brand has developed and grown over time. Mixologist Debbie Peek made four cocktails, each dedicated to a period of time in history and executive chef Chad Johnson and Chef de Cuisine Jon Atanacio served canapé to pair with each cocktail.

The chef’s from the Epicurean made some unique and delicious hors d’œuvres to go with Peek’s cocktails. The first course was shrimp and kaffir lime, a duck spring roll with mango and steak tartare with black curry. My personal favorite was the duck spring roll with mango salad sprinkled atop the crunchy delicacy.  

Image courtesy of Jillian Conway 

Debbie Peek is a world-renowned mixologist. She has won the I.B.A World Cocktail Challenge three times (2007, 2010 and 2011) and is currently the mixologist for Southern Wine & Spirits in Tampa. At this event, she served four cocktails for a group of 20 people at the Epicurean in Hyde Park: The 1867 Gimlet, The 1902 Daiquiri, The Garden Mule and an Espresso Martini from 1998. At the event, they handed out cards with the backstory and recipe of each of the cocktails Peek mixed at the event.

1867 Gimlet | Cucumber Gimlet

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The first course was a welcome cocktail from when Bacardi was founded in 1862. Five years later, the Gilmet was first mixed in 1867 by the British Royal Navy as a way of fighting scurvy. Last night, Peeks transformed it into a sophisticated cucumber and pink peppercorn cocktail garnished with a lime wheel. The Cucumber Gimlet was the perfect way to begin the night. It was light and refreshing but had a little kick to it with the pink peppercorn. 

1902 Daiquiri | Blackberry Daiquiri

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The second course was the 1902 daiquiri that was created by an American, not a Cuban, which has been the popular belief. The mixologist loved Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum and mixed that with lime sour to create the drink we all know and love today. The contemporary version that Peek mixed was a blackberry daiquiri. Because it was my favorite cocktail of the night, here's the recipe. 

          2oz of Bacardi Quatro

          2oz of Fresh Lime Juice

          1 bar spoon of Blackberry Jam

          Method: Shake with ice, strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass 

          Garnish: Mint Sprig and Lime Wheel

1946 Moscow Mule | Garden Mule

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The third course was a 1946 Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule was born in Manhattan when three friends mixed this famous concoction during a crazy night out. Peek made her own version with grey goose vodka, fresh lime sour, peach slices, mint leaves and ginger beer. I was so happy that she added peaches to the traditional Moscow Mule recipe. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of the Moscow Mule but the sweetness from the peaches made me want a second round!  

1998 Espresso Martini | Cold Brew and Tonic

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The last course was an espresso martini from 1998 paired with cheddar, raisins, a chocolate macaron and chocolate torte. The intensity of the cheddar cheese was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the martini and the two chocolate desserts. This was the perfect end to a night full of creative and innovative Bacardi cocktails. 
Thank you to Bacardi, the  Epicurean Hotel and Debbie Peaks for a great night! 
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