Santo Stefano Quisquina is a village in the Sicilian region of Italy. Representative of 60 percent of the Italian population in Ybor City of Tampa Bay, this makes the perfect destination to showcase the taste of Italian delicacy. The Columbia Restaurant Group has announced that they will be opening the Casa Santo Stefano this week on Thursday, November 19. Intended to bring Sicilian flavor to the highly Italian populated city, the new restaurant will now honor that.

Started in 1905 as a small corner cafe known for its Cuban coffee and sandwiches, the Columbia Restaurant has opened other locations in Florida. The Columbia Restaurant Group also has Goody, Goody, Ulele, and has deep roots in Tampa history. Casa Santo Stefano will open in Ybor City, just a short walk from the Historic District location of the original Columbia Restaurant.  

The great-grandson of the original restaurant’s founder, Richard Gonzmart, is the current CEO/President. 115 years after its inception, the Columbia Restaurant has remained 100 percent family-owned. Inspired by Gonzmart’s memories of Sunday supper at his Sicilian best friend’s house, the menu of Casa Santo Stefano will celebrate Ybor City’s Sicilian flavors.

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