By: Sally Baker

There are plenty of food challenges in Tampa for a free T-Shirt and a spot on a restaurant’s ‘wall of fame,’ but what about the challenges that really count?  The challenges where, if you win, you get your meal for free!  Those are the Tampa food challenges that are worth it, and here are the ones that offer it.

Eats Burger Challenge at Eats American Grill – This Tampa food challenge at Eats American Grill consists of four 8 ounce Angus beef patties all between four slices of burger buns.  Each patty is then topped with cheese and a plethora of condiments and vegetable toppings.  The 2 lb. burger is accompanied with a pound of thick cut fries.  Finish this challenge within 20 minutes and your burger is paid for.  Of course you also get an EATS! T-shirt with your name posted in the restaurant and on the site.  Total meal savings, approximately $25.00!

Monster Iguana Challenge at Green Iguana – The Green Iguana restaurants offer one of the best food challenges in Tampa with their Monster Iguana Challenge.  Combining three GI signature burgers, making up a 5 pound burger, with toppings like blue cheese, spinach and artichoke dip, bacon, mushrooms, onions, more cheese all layered between several burger buns, this monster of a burger is appropriately named. Not to mention the pound of fries this burger is served with, it is easily one of the toughest food challenges in Tampa but of course a free meal if you are able to finish it within an hour! In addition to your meal being paid for, you will also get your picture on their wall of fame.

The 6-Pound Challenge at Frontier Steakhouse Cattle Co. – Initially this a pretty pricey challenge, around $60, but if you complete it, the meal is free.  What is the meal, you ask?  Well, my friends, it is only 6 entire pounds of beef!  Do you have the stomach to stomach this challenge?

The 29” XL Challenge at American Pie Pizza Company – You can’t have food challenges in Tampa without a pizza challenge! Okay, it’s in Brandon, but close enough!  American Pie Pizza Company serves up a 29” pizza pie, around 60 slices, which could feed a large family, up to 10 people that is!  This is a 2 person challenge that requires the two to finish off the $29 to $49 pizza pie in 29 minutes or less.  As always with the Tampa food challenges listed here, if you finish in time, you get the meal paid for, otherwise pay up!

When you want to find the best food challenges in Tampa, you want to make sure you are getting a worthwhile prize if you complete it; a free meal.  This is perfect for those suffering with the hard economy and can’t afford groceries.  Take your appetite to one of these challenges and be full for a week!  The disclaimer, though, is that you still have to pay if you can’t complete the challenge, so come ready… come hungry.