By: Sally Baker

Whispers of the German Bistro in South Tampa, just outside MacDill AFB, have begun to spread throughout the Tampa community.  The names Werner and Irena Seidl are becoming more familiar as their customers spread the word to friends and families about this secret Tampa treasure.  Just what is it that makes this authentic German restaurant in Tampa so special?  What sets them apart from the rest? It can't just be the free beer... Wait... Free Beer?!

Let me explain.  Werner and Irena Seidl came to Florida with their three children after living in Munich of Bavaria, Germany where they owned and operated a cafe of their own for over a decade.  After following the advice from a close friend and chasing their Floridian dream, the Siedl family found themselves relocating to Florida to open their own German restaurant.  As this was no easy task, the family went through obstacles most would have given up on, but the Seidls persevered. Through problems of a broken partnership, thieves, plumbing and the overwhelming task of procuring a liquor license, Werner and Irena Seidl continued to work through the hardships giving the community the most authentic German cuisine in Tampa with only the friendliest of service.

Officially established in April of 2010, today the German Bistro in Tampa can be found serving a packed lunch room mostly full of military personnel with dinners being a bit more vacant as the personnel at the nearby MacDill AFB are mostly based in the Brandon and Riverview areas.  Whenever you decide to frequent the German Bistro, you are welcome to BYOB, or wine, or be served with St. Pauli Girl beer... for free!  Procuring a liquor license in the states is a lengthy and incredibly expensive process, but the wonderful people that the Seidl family are, they did not want to take away from the authentic German experience at their restaurant, so until they decide to pursue the expensive liquor license, they will pass out a free St. Pauli or two with your meal, or at least provide you with glasses as you bring your own beer or wine.

Come to the German Bistro in South Tampa and experience incredibly authentic German cuisine, the friendliest of family service and even mingle with the other guests to share your wine.  There is simply no other place in Tampa like the German Bistro, and only your experience there, with efforts to spread the word, can we be sure to keep this local favorite around for many years to come.