If like us, you love sushi, hibachi, and delicious Asian cuisine, and you live or work in Tampa, you are fortunate!  If like us, you have a favorite spot, but also want to try something unique and experience new flavors, you are fortunate!  And this, this is where Ginza comes in! Perhaps like us the name is new to you, or maybe this IS your favorite spot?  With one location in Tampa and one a little further south in Sarasota, Ginza exploded onto the Bay Area foodie scene and you absolutely must go check them out! We took the time to sit down with Ginza Tampa's manager Joy, to bring you the up-to-the-minute details on this delicious Asian restaurant and the twist that makes them unique!

Ginza opened their first Tampa location in February where they have been pleasing local palates ever since.  Although this is their first Tampa location, Ginza's owners hail from New York where they successfully offer Chinese cuisine to a discerning crowd. Several things make Ginza stand out, one unique twist is Ginza makes their own Mochi ice cream, a favorite after-dinner delight, if you have not tried Mochi yet, you need to know Mochi!  Turning up in places like Yogurtology and many creameries about town, Mochi is a treat!

Another unique twist separating Ginza from the pack are their unique creative, gluten-free dishes!  At Ginza they use tamari instead of soy sauce.  Although similar in color and flavor, the main difference between these two sauces is the presence of wheat. One of the ways Ginza keeps the best interests of gluten-free diners in mind is by offering dishes free of wheat. At times it is difficult to get just what you need when allergies limit your choices, not at Ginza!

If spectacular dishes stir your senses, consider this: everything Ginza prepares is hand cut and made fresh!  All those delicious sauces you love to dunk your hibachi and sushi in, they are unique, and made in-house at Ginza. If you are looking for homemade Asian cuisine in Tampa, Ginza staff suggests their Volcano Roll for sushi lovers. At Ginza, employees go out of their way to make your experience both pleasant and memorable. Want an adult beverage?  Ginza is proud to offer beer and wine to responsible patrons. Happy hour is Monday-Friday from 4-6 PM where you can enjoy traditional and non-traditional drinks from the best Sake to an ice cold brew.

Ready to try unique new Asian cuisine in Tampa, putting a twist on taste? We feel you! Here is how to find Ginza so you can get your foodie on:  Head to Ginza at 6417 E. County Line Road, Ste 104 you luck Tampa-ite you!

Did you head to Ginza and try out some of the unique new Asian cuisine in Tampa? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Victoria is an 813area.com contributor and also blogs at www.followmeaway.com