Glory Days Grill is knocking it out of the park for sports fans with 42 screens, an audio video package, speakers at the table and cartoons for kids.  “We’re the place in New Tampa to watch just about any sport,” says Michael Brooks, the “Head Coach” of the New Tampa Glory Days Grill location. You’ll find NFL, NHL, MLB or soccer playing alongside Yogi Bear (for Junior). Brooks also expressed the emphasis Glory Days Grill places on their atmosphere, service and food. For those who take their food almost as seriously as they take their sports, Brooks fed it to us straight, Glory Days Grill a Game Changer for Sports Fans.

“You have to try wings if it’s your first time.” Coach knows best! They also serve a Mac N Cheese burger, 24 oz. Margaritas, 100 oz. beers and handcrafted cocktails with fresh juices. With locations in Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Carrollwood, Palm Harbor and New Tampa, they cater, deliver and do office events. Glory Days Grill also has another mission which reaches beyond the doors of their business. Glory Days Grill is heavily involved in the local community, partnering with local sports teams, clubs and feeding volunteers at charities. 

Kids at Glory Days Grill Florida showing off their Because of Ezra childhood cancer awareness support!

The name of their establishment is a nod to the love sports fanatics and athletes share for their respective games, teams and team-mates. Glory Days Grill takes the extra step in providing opportunities for families and the sports community as a whole to come together in appreciation of their favorite sports.  By being involved in the community, they support the up-and-comers as well as those we love cheering on the most, the under-dogs.

The next time the game is on and you are looking for a great place to watch or want to grab some wings while watching a slam-dunk, head to Glory Days Grill, where sports fans huddle, and be sure to try the Paremesan Garlic wings and Nachos, two of our favorites!