Tampa International is about to get a whole lot more local within the next few months.  Earlier today, airport officials announced the upcoming addition of a number of Tampa restaurants to its burgeoning concession line up.

So far, these include the Green Iguana, Cigar City Brewing, Mise En Place, and Columbia Cafe, all restaurants that call Tampa home.  These additions are part of a broader, $20 million renovation of the airport's main terminal expected to be finished by August of 2012.

Mise En Place will have its own wine bar in the main terminal;  Cigar City will reside in Airside C alongside a new Shula Burger; Green Iguana will be in Airside A; and Columbia Cafe will be in Airside E.

Tampa International has been mostly filled with national chains like Chili's, Starbucks, and TGI Friday's.  These local additions should be a welcome change for most Tampa residents and a great way for visitors to get a small experience of all the great dining Tampa has to offer.