By: Andrew Silverstein

There's definitely no shortage of great, coffee houses in Tampa catering to our diverse and vibrant community.  Each has it's own quirks and traits that set it apart from the rest and many become regulars due in part to the unique charm of their favorite coffee shop.

International Boba House in North Tampa is definitely no exception.  Named after their signature item boba milk tea or, bubble tea as it's commonly referred to, Boba is the place to go for a truly original bubble tea experience in Tampa Bay.

So what's bubble tea?

Bubble tea is category of cold drink consisting of brewed tea typically mixed with a blended fruit or fruit syrup and made unique by the addition of marble-sized tapioca (yogurt) pearls that sit at the bottom of the cup.  Boba milk tea originated in Taiwan before spreading through college towns in America (just like our own!) in the late 90's and early 2000's.

Today, International Boba House serves a number of purposes besides just serving their standard fare of delicious bubble tea, coffee, blended fruit drinks and more.  During the day Boba serves as a popular place to study between classes for USF students.  At night, Boba hosts a variety of live entertainment for you to kick back and enjoy.

Stop in on a monday night and get a strong shot of laughter alongside that tea when the Got Jokes? Improv Troupe hosts  their weekly comedy hour.   If you're into local music, or even a local musician yourself, head to their open mic nights on Fridays and catch some live music in a great, intimate and relaxed environment.

These are just a few things that make International Boba House a unique bubble tea and coffee house in Tampa.  Head there yourself and see what makes Boba so great!