Where to dine is becoming an increasingly difficult question to answer as newcomers take root in Tampa and existing brands decide to expand. Follow your nose to find the fresh-baked goodness found at La Segunda’s latest location, check out the newest addition to the local restaurant scene’s “breakfast club” and fuel your body and business at a healthy place featuring high tech services.

La Segunda Bakery and Cafe’

The original La Segunda Central Bakery has been making and baking Cuban bread, cookies, cakes and more for more than 100 years. That Tampa icon can’t get any better but it can get bigger - and has - by adding a second location in South Tampa, La Segunda Bakery and Cafe’.

Be sure to give this younger sibling a warm welcome now that it is open and has joined the family fold.

The 3,000-square-foot bakery and cafe is designed around a centerpiece state-of-the-hearth oven where guests can gather to watch busy bakers and pastry pros at work creating mouthwatering goodies from scratch.

Indoor and outdoor tables will welcome customers to be seated while they eat, enjoy a freshly brewed beverage from the barista bar or wait for a takeout order to be prepared. Feel free to bring a furry friend to hang out with you on the pet-friendly covered patio.

"We're extremely excited for this expansion," said Copeland More, La Segunda's fourth-generation owner. "Our new bakery and café will bring a slice of Ybor City to South Tampa. As we open this additional location, we remain committed to our roots of baking history every single day."

Favorite baked goods that have made this family-owned business world-famous will be front and center on the menu including La Segunda’s signature Cuban sandwich, its close cousin the Medianoche, scacciata pizza, a staple for any party or gathering, freshly made salads and a whole lot of sweets to eat. Think guava and cheese turnovers, cream cheese-filled quesitos, Italian cookies and, always a favorite, flan.

La Segunda has long served generations from its location in Ybor City. No other bakery even comes close to the amount of authentic Cuban bread that leave its ovens. Nearly 18,000 of those long, crusty loaves baked with a palmetto leaf strip on the top are already being made daily. 

With this additional location, imagine how many more loaves it will soon be handing over to hungry fans.

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

Looking for a new way to start the day? If you prefer to enjoy your morning meal out, are really fond of breakfast foods or are just looking for a new place to meet and eat breakfast or lunch, then take a seat at the recently opened Keke’s Breakfast Cafe. This Orlando-based chain is now serving its signature style of made-to-order meals at a recently renovated former Crisper’s location on South Dale Mabry.

The possibilities for different ways to enjoy waffles alone here is intriguing. Get them with granola baked into the batter. Pick ones made with pecans or chocolate chips or keep it simple and opt for the all-by-itself Belgian waffle. Fruit flavors include banana nut, apple-cinnamon, strawberry and blueberry. Many of those same specialty ingredients overlap to the pancakes and French toast choices. Veggies, cheeses and meats can be packed into omelets or get eggs-actly what you want in a poached egg meal or favorite egg scramble, sandwich or wrap.

Lots of choices and a lot of food seem to be the theme here. But there is a lighter version of various dishes for the little ones who may be better suited for the silver dollar pancakes, French toast sticks or fresh fruit.

Not in the mood for breakfast food? Just say, “panini please,” and select from Cheese Steak, Chicken & Salsa or portabella, to name a few. For less than a buck, 99 cents to be exact, you can even add an egg to otherwise egg-less options. 

Greenroots Cyber Cafe

Too much of a good thing? Not when it is tasty, healthy foods, beverages and snacks prepared at a Greenroots Cafe. The Channel District location is the original but the goodness is spreading to South Tampa and with a twist.

Greenroots Cyber Cafe, which is billing itself as Florida’s first cyber cafe, is set to open in July in a storefront along Kennedy Boulevard.

Be productive and be healthy while you design and print courtesy of complimentary WiFi and computers and a full-service copy center that offers 24-hour service. Pair that work ethic with a smoothie made with fruit free of any syrups, preservatives or additives or select from various vegan-friendly options for a winning, and wellness, edge.

This is full service for your business and body.

Get the creative juices flowing with the help of a freshly created salad or acai bowl, design a sign courtesy of the on-site Mac computers loaded with “user friendly design software” and then place an order for “custom collateral material” that will likely be ready before you finish your meal.

Working has never been so easy, enjoyable and healthful.

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Photo by Mary Lou Janson.