Ocean Prime, located at International Mall, is known for being a premier and first-class seafood spot in Tampa.  This spot welcomes guests with a red carpet and from the moment the entrance doors are opened, an intimate and classy atmosphere awaits you.  Ocean Prime boasts an extensive award-winning wine list and is committed to providing quality meats, seafood and cocktail to their guests.

With the Stone Crab season officially underway, Ocean Prime is now offering some awe-inspiring claws.  Guests at Ocean Prime can now order stone crab claws that are succulent and fresh at the peak of the season in-house or conveniently packaged to bring home.

For this limited time, Ocean Prime will serve their stone crabs claws chilled over ice and with a mustard dipping sauce.  The cost for these claws will be $30 for a half pound and $56 for a full pound.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit www.oceanprimetampa.com or call them at (813) 490-5288.