We all know that phones eat first, but when you order a cocktail, coffee, or milkshake and it comes to the table looking like a million bucks, you might feel the need to share it with your followers. We’ve curated a list of the best and most Instagram-worthy drinks in Tampa, check it out here! 

Mandarin Heights

Image courtesy of @Socially 

As Seminole Heights' most bougie cocktail bar, Mandarin Heights is guaranteed to grant you a great photo for the gram (say that five times fast!). From colorful ombre drinks to flowers and full sprigs of spices as toppers on their beautiful cocktails, this is the ultimate spot for Instagram-worthy cocktails in Tampa. 

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Bar at Armature

Image courtesy of @ThisBabeEats

Ever since Armature Works first opened, they’ve caught Instagram foodies by storm, and their bar is no different. ThisBabeEats, one of Tampa’s biggest foodies on the gram, even takes her food tours to the Bar at Armature so she can capture pictures like this and bless our feeds. 

M. Bird

Image courtesy of M.Bird. 

I know it might seem repetitive, but M. Bird continues to impress Instagrammers from all over Tampa with their vibrant and creative cocktails. Take the whole squad and split one of their enormous cocktails, and don’t stress because it’s bound to impress! 

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American Social

Image courtesy of American Social. 

American Social is known for being one of the best brunch spots in Tampa, and no brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary! Not only do you get to have the hair of the dog when you need it most (Sunday Funday!), but you get it with a side of bacon, celery, and more to make it worthy of your next Instagram. 

Green Lemon

Image courtesy of Green Lemon. 

When I’m craving margaritas (and that’s just about every day), the first restaurant that comes to mind is Green Lemon. With a 60 oz. margarita for your next birthday celebration, Green Lemon comes up on top of the margarita game in Tampa. My typical Friday Night begins at Green Lemon happy hour for a margarita on the rocks, and you know your friday night outfit + margaritas = your next Instagram! 

Buddy Brew Coffee

Image courtesy of Buddy Brew Coffee. 

The morning after a good night out at any of the bars I’ve previously mentioned will have you craving some caffeine in the morning, so why not grab a quick Instagram at the coffee shop? Show your followers you know good coffee at a Buddy Brew location nearest to you! Grab a latte from Buddy Brew, and your Tampa followers will have to throw it a like!  

Daily Eats

Image courtesy of Daily Eats. 

If you’re looking to get chocolate-wasted, we understand. Everyone needs to satisfy their chocolate cravings and keep their followers updated! It’s a good time to break up the cocktail photos on your feed. Stop by Daily Eats for an extravagant milkshake, and show your followers you know good dessert. 

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Soho Juice Company

Image courtesy of Soho Juice Company. 

A diet is good for everyone here and there. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy juice diet, head to Soho Juice Company in SoHo. I mean, if you’re dieting, you have to show your followers you living your healthiest life! 


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Cover Image courtesy of Unsplash.