Secrecy surrounded the identity of the gathering’s host as guests arrived at Mise En Place. The invitations extended were for what was cryptically called a “Dining in the Dark” event that was recently held at the Downtown Tampa restaurant. 

It was not an individual but a secret ingredient that was behind the blind tasting. The undisclosed brand of vodka slowly revealed telling characteristics like clarity, a clean finish and a slightly sweet taste as it was presented in various pours and cocktails that people puzzling over which brand it could be while dining on delicious dishes.

A closer look at the place settings should have been the first tip-off. A faux French passport and a detailed menu sporting bold blue and contrasting white colors, matched the blue hues found on the featured vodka's bottle. 

Finally, the time came for the big reveal at the end of the meal by Tampa Bay’s own expert cocktail consultant, Ro Patel of The Hall on FranklinPinnacle® Original Vodka proved to be the secret sauce in the pre-dinner Charente Lemonade, a neat pour that went well with oysters, the addictive French Floridian made with lemon juice and orange marmalade and the tasty Spirit Valley Martini. No matter whether it was served solo or with a few, select ingredients, the vodka successfully kept guests sipping and smiling throughout the three-course dinner.

The acclaim this vodka has garnered is no accident. It's use of premium ingredients and the meticulous process that produces the award-winning spirit definitely place it distinctively in a class of its own. In fact, its trophy collection is so crowded that it has earned the distinction of being France’s most awarded vodka.

If you thought France was just about fine wines and champagne, think again. For versatility, value, quality and clarity, this is what you want to drink next time you are in the mood for a premium vodka to enjoy on its own or in a simple cocktail.