Looking for a new summer hotspot to enjoy? Pokéworks | International Plaza is here! This Hawaiian-style restaurant has opened at International Plaza and Bay Street.

Pokéworks began in 2015 after the founders were inspired by the flavors of Hawaiian poké and wanted to bring that authentic taste back to the mainland for everyone across the nation to enjoy.  

Pokéworks serves signature pokè works crafted by Sheldon Simeon, the newest chef-collaborator who gets inspiration from growing up in Hawaii, or you can “poke your way” and make a bowl of your own. Make your own perfect poké combination by choosing your choice a poké bowl, salad, or unique poké burrito. Next, add a protein choose your favorite protein-- ahi tuna, albacore tuna, organic tofu, salmon, scallops, shrimp, or chicken. Add a mixin, flavor, topping, and crunch and enjoy a delicious, customized pokè bowl. After you enjoy your pokè bowl, cool down from the heat of the summer with a tasty dole whip!

Along with having irresistible food, Pokéworks is also proud to be committed to sustainability in the restaurants and beyond. As well as prioritizing sustainable food sources, Pokéworks also utilizes sustainable wood products to ensure the best for the environment.

heir full menu showcases signature works include the Hawaiian classic, spicy ahi, shiso salmon and plenty of special sauces. The International Plaza Pokéworks will be open regular mall hours. The Pokéworks USF location on Fowler Avenue will be opening later this year.