By: Andrew Silverstein

Late night munchies; whether you're just getting out of the club or taking an all-nighter for that huge exam in the morning, they're a necessity for us night owls in Tampa.  Unfortunately, it seems like 99.9% of the great places to eat in Tampa close down after the midnight hour.  Sure, there's a few places and those stands selling that questionable street meat outside the club, but to satisfy a serious hunger craving, you've got to head to Salem's Gyros and Subs.

There's a ton all across the Bay Area from Hyde Park to North Tampa so traveling for some of this delectable late night grub should be an easy trip.

Once you get there, marvel at their ginormous menu of everything from gyros to wings, salads, seafood, even chicken gizzards if that's your kind of thing.  Salem's Gyros and Subs has been around the Tampa Bay Area since 1988 perfecting their menu and service, so you know grabbing some late night food here will be top notch.

Menu highlights at Salem's are as varied as they are delectable.  Their hot sandwiches include original and chicken gyros, black angus burgers, Philly cheese steaks, Cuban sandwiches and more.

The buffalo wings at Salem's are HUGE and perfect for a single meal or big gatherings.  They come in quantities from 10 to 100 and can accomodate stomachs large and small.  Chicken strips, gizzards, and liver are also available.

If you're health conscious, Salem's salads, including Greek, chef, and chicken will definitely do the trick.

This is just a small summary of all Salem's Gyros and Subs has to offer.  Head into one today and see what Salem's is all about!.