Today is THE day!  What day you say?  Well, "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" of course!  The day we swagger and sway, grump, and growl, the day when we 'swash' our 'buckles' and 'buc' our 'neers'? Wait, that makes no sense!  Anyway, it's time to bring your inner buccaneer out to play, have some fun and take advantage of a few steals and deals in Tampa Bay during Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Fist things first.  Did you know you can change the language on Facebook to Pirate today?  You can and it's easy:

  • At the top right of Facebook click the Downward Triangle next to Privacy Setting (the Lock) and select 'Settings'.
  • Click Language on the Left Side - it's option number 6
  • Click Edit to the left of:  What language do you want to use Facebook in?
  • Scroll down to English (Pirate) and Save Changes

Your seadog selection will be Duly Noted! 

Piratical activities are taking place across the globe, but what mateys be happenin' here in Tampa ye might be asking.  

Here be the rundown on fun ter be had in yer home port!

Pirate Water Taxi

Experience Tampa Bay's beautiful Riverwalk and more with the Talk Like A Pirate Weekend Aboard Tampa's Pirate Water Taxi  BOGO deal today!  Speak yer piece in yer best pirate drawl and the deal is ON! Over 14 stops along the Riverwalk, Channel District & Davis Island. Shop, Dine, Relax and show em' there be a kid inside ya still.
All voyagers receive a Buy One Get One Free all-day Hop On Hop Off wristband to ride Pirate Water Taxi today! Ye must talk like a pirate at the time of purchase at the Pirate Water Taxi ticket booth at the Tampa Convention Center Dock. The BOGO offer is only available at the Convention Center ticket booth and tickets must be purchased before 6:00 PM. Never been on the Taxi, TODAY is the day to go! We fancy the taxi, read more about the bewitchin' ride we recently took!  

603 Channelside Drive, Tampa FL Phone 813-223-7999

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

#TLAPD is alway a special day for buccaneers and their kin! Are ye ready for free doughnuts? Today only if ye speak like a Pirate ye get a free glazed doughnut, but if yer feeling like ye need more fer yer crew, DRESS like a pirate and receive a whole dozen FREE!

Long John Silver

Ahoy, Me Hearties!  Drop the land lubber routine at Long John Silvers and earn yer reward!  Grab yer shipmates and set sail to a participating Long John Silver’s location for a FREE Fish or Chicken Tender to anyone who “Talks Like a Pirate” when ordering!  And If ya dress AND talk like a Pirate ye will be scoring fine treasure with a FREE 2-Pc. Fish Tender or Chicken Basket!  Call your local LJS to be sure they be playin' t'day before headin' out!

Pirate Fashions

They be supplyin' pirates, wenches & buccaneers with authentic clothing, accouterments n' weapons fer sum time now.  Traveling the seas, sharing their pirate wares.  They no be open t'day mateys (Thurs - Sun 11:00 am - 6:00 pm) but when they are ye can take part in their rewardin' program and save!  Located just outside Downtown Tampa, Pirate Fashions is ripe fer plunderin!

1711 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL Phone 8133042436

Even Microsoft is gettin' in on the fun, today you can send digital cards and treasure to yer mates on Xbox & Windows  Or call your local florist ta see what they can put together for that favorite wench a yours, surprise her with roses!

Stop into Schakolad Chocolate Factory or  Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream to order up sumpthin fun! Stop into you local Barnes & Noble with the kids and pull a few piratical favorites like: The Pirate of Kindergarten, Shiver Me Letters, and How I Became a Pirate.  Find yer pirate moniker and be gone wit ya!  Time to scurry on! Get on the water ya fluffbucket!

Ye got yer name, ya know today tis about playing, letting your inner child loose. ye be talkin' like a pirate, the kiddos had their fun, time for some adult fun? Are ye a pirate lookin' fer sum RUM?  Check out our list of where ta find the BEST RUM drinks in Tampa.  Happy Hour will soon be here, where ya gonna be pullin' inta port? It's  #TLAPD, time to enjoy the steals and deals, the rum and treasure! It's out there mateys, just waiting fer ya to plunder!

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