Finding healthy dining options in Tampa Bay is easier than ever, thanks to a hospitality industry that has received national accolades and a growing nationwide trend toward eating clean, knowing where your food comes from, and the farm-to-table movement. Whether you're hoping to fulfill a New Year’s resolution, attempting to make a lifestyle change, or simply a fan of healthy eats, there are plenty of Tampa Bay restaurants that offer healthy dining options. Finding balanced and healthy meals when dining out is no longer an impossible challenge - these are some of the tastiest restaurants in Tampa where patrons can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.

Seasons 52 – The upscale atmosphere of Seasons 52 makes the experience of dining at the restaurant in the Westshore Plaza district a popular one among guests. A seasonal menu changes every spring, summer, winter, and fall. Fresh sides and ingredients are swapped out weekly, inspiring the name Seasons 52 - for each week of the year. Every item on the menu comes in at under 475 calories, making Seasons 52 an ideal destination for diners who don't want to overload on calories. To achieve this caloric goal, Seasons 52 uses careful seasoning and minimal cooking oils. Meals are also served using appropriate portion sizes, including their signature mini desserts.

Ciccio's Water - Ciccio's is a part of the Ciccio Restaurant Group, which is responsible for popular restaurants like Green Lemon, The Lodge, Daily Eats, and Fresh Kitchen in South Tampa. Their namesake, with locations in South Tampa and St. Petersburg, as well as a spin-off in New Tampa, is a favorite among diners who enjoy healthy eating options. Located in the heart of SoHo in South Tampa and popular among the weekend crowd of visitors to the area, Ciccio's makes a conscious effort to offer alternative choices for your meal. Fresh vegetables are served with all Ciccio's entrees and brown rice, steamed yellow rice or sticky rice can be requested for any dish. Pizza options include brick oven thin or gluten free thin.  Wraps can be ordered with a whole wheat tortilla. For a small additional charge to any California Grilled Wrap, Stirfrys or California Bowl, Ciccio's will substitute some of your entree's carbohydrates with more of your entree's proteins for a more balanced meal.

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Evos - When you're looking for a quick lunchtime dining option, head here. Evos has a very health conscious menu and they pride themselves on air baking their food instead of deep-frying, creating food that is both healthy and flavorful, without excess fat. Their meats are naturally raised and they pick out the best, organic quality for their menu items.  Milkshakes are made with organic milk; fruit shakes are made with real fruit and fruit juices. Condiments are reduced fat, natural and cholesterol free.  Evos has multiple locations in the Tampa Bay area.

Bamboozle Cafe -  Bamboozle Cafe, offering traditional Vietnamese cuisine as well as Asian fusion, features menu items composed of fresh fruits, herbs, and raw vegetables. Each of these fresh and wholesome ingredients helps to contribute to the healthy dose of antioxidants found in the food. Brown rice is available for most dishes. Bamboozle Cafe, which is located at 516 N. Tampa Street in downtown Tampa, specializes in a Vegetarian menu, a Vegan menu, and a Gluten-free menu. Even more healthy menu items, along with a relaxed vibe, can be found at Bamboozle Tea Lounge in Channelside.

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Farmacy Vegan Kitchen + Bakery - This is a destination vegans can get behind! While not technically a sit-down dining restaurant, Farmacy Kitchen, and Bakery is a concept located inside of the Duckweed Urban Market in downtown Tampa at 803 N. Tampa St. Everything you can eat here is made with fresh, vegan ingredients, including "fake-meat" lasagna that will entice even the most regular meat-eater. Choose among vegan wraps, salads, bowls, juices and smoothies, and freshly baked sweet goods. There are even "heat-and-eat" dining options in the store, where you can take home dishes like cashew mac and cheese or vegan shepherd's pie to enjoy at home.

SoFresh - South Tampa - So Fresh has (2) Tampa Bay area healthy dining options, one in Downtown Tampa and one in South Tampa. This lunchtime favorite among the business crowd is a great place to get in on the "zoodles" craze - zucchini noodles. You can order an array of salads, healthy wraps or bowls. Substitute organic tofu for heavier meats or choose among options like all-natural chicken and flax-encrusted ahi. Quinoa is used in bowls instead of rice; wraps are served with plenty of veggies to balance the meal. There are no fountain sodas; instead try a tea, juice or smoothie.

Pure Kitchen Tampa is a newly opened Grab & Go on Kennedy in the Hyde Park / South Tampa area specializing in organic vegan food. Offering everything from appy's to full meals check this place out and let us know what you think in reviews.

3214 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa FL Phone (813) 484-0558

As it becomes less and less complicated to find restaurants in Tampa Bay that offer healthy dining options we can celebrate a definite change in thinking. As demand for restaurants in Tampa like the ones listed above grows, more healthy dining options are sure to come our way. Register above to stay connected to everything local in Tampa. It's Free! 

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