If you know good Greek food, we'll venture to guess you know about one of Tampa's most well-known Greek restaurants, Acropolis Greek Taverna.  If you don't, do yourself a favor and get familiar because when it comes to dependably delicious, affordable Greek food in Tampa, Acropolis easily leads the pack.

Our visit on this week's Taste Tour 813 didn't quite bare any revelations as much as it solidified this previous sentiment and likely will many, many more times throughout our existence.  Acropolis is just a dependable, regular restaurant.  It doesn't wow or amaze as much as it comforts with a simple, but wide assortment of sub-$10 Greek meals that will fill you up, but not actually leave you hating yourself (or your stomach) like many other similarly-priced eateries can.

Take, for instance, the classic (and massive) gyro for seven bucks.  The gyro to a Greek restaurant might as well be what a pizza is to an Italian one, and for good reason.  Acropolis' comes true to form with shaved, soft slices of lamb from the spit, tomatoes, onions, and a hearty dollop of cool tzatsiki sauce all wrapped in warm pita bread.  It's nothing inventive or dazzling, just simply dependable.  Paired with a hearty side of Greek steak fries and chunks of creamy feta, the Acropolis Gyro is just as good after some late-night drinks as it is for a mid-day lunch.

Simply put, if you're looking for good greek food in Tampa, Acropolis will humbly and affordably provide.