Man-themed everything seems to be the latest trend dotting today's cultural landscape.  From uber-macho endurance races like Tough Mudder to Dr. Pepper's new man-only 10 calorie version to the hilariously macho Ron Swanson on NBC's Parks and Rec, manliness is a golden calf for marketers these days.

Opened around three years ago on N. Dale Mabry in Westshore, Brick House Tavern + Tap might've been the first entity to tap into the whole manly-theme thing here in Tampa.  With an all-female wait staff; loads of beer and other over-the-top cocktails; sports on every TV; and huge portions of fried and meaty foods, it's easy to tell who Brick House is targeting.

But, all that aside, this is a food review column, first and foremost, and as we learned with a late lunch on Thursday afternoon, these guys definitely know what it takes to cook up a creative and quality meal.

Duck wings, as we're told, are a common, new favorite at Brick House, and understandably so as they come out in a worn metal skillet, dripping with a deep-red, sweet "Man Cave" sauce and served with Sriracha ranch.  If Brick House is as good at eying culinary trends the way they are with restaurant themes, they'll stick with these new duck wings.  My oh my, they're like bigger, juicier chicken wings with a savory dark meat you barely have to chew.  Out of this world.

Their house-made soft pretzel sticks packed with salami and served with spicy mustard were well-executed, fresh and delicious as well.

There's also the southern fried chicken sandwich with spicy buttermilk marinated fried chicken, fresh arugula & bacon ranch on a brioche roll. I could've used just a tad more crispiness on the chicken, but otherwise this thing is a massive, calorie-filled delight.  Brioche buns, are, in this writer's humble opinion, the foundation to any great sandwich, and Brick House does it right.

Sound good?  Give Brick House Tavern+Tap a try, then let us know what you think with your own rating and review on the Brick House Tavern + Tap 813area business listing.