Sometimes, a restaurant experience just falls flat, no matter how much your preconceived notions want you to feel otherwise.

We know Crazy Buffet is solid.  Arguably even one of the best Chinese buffets in Tampa on a good day.

But, today was not a good day.  Not even close.  When we visited earlier for this week's stop on the Taste Tour of 813, Crazy was hardly the super fast, fresh, and frankly, huge buffet we remember from back in the day.

Now, to be fair, we came for a late lunch, about half an hour before they were closing for dinner and far beyond the time they'd be dolling out any new dishes for lunch.  But, even still, there should be some modicum of quality regardless of the hour of the day.

A variety of sushi rolls to start the meal were near indistinguishable from each other and far chewier than anything any human deserves to eat.  Two were downed with the generous help of some soy sauce, and even that was hard.

Buffet items at Crazy Buffet include your standard assortment of chicken, noodles, stir frys, and more.  Lo mein noodles at Crazy were so bland and flavorless it was depressing.  Chicken dishes like honey chicken and General Tso's did little to help, but did shine with a contrasting dose of spicy and sweet that was about all we can compliment here.

We'll wrap this up with the thin hopes of erasing this letdown of an experience from our minds.  Take this as you will.

If you've been to Crazy Buffet before, let us know what you think with your own rating and review on the Crazy Buffet 813area business listing.