Located just off Bloomingdale Ave. and Providence Road in Brandon, Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen is a relatively new, modest Thai Restaurant boasting a standard menu with fair prices not too different from a whole slew of other Thai restaurants in the area.

And, if anything, that may be its biggest weakness, but more on that later.

Stopping in for a late lunch earlier this week, we're greeted with a bland and small, but all the more intimate interior that could work for a low-key night out with friends or the family.

The menu at Lemon Grass follows suit with a standard, near-indistinguishable assortment of classic Thai cuisine from other like-minded restaurants in the area.

If executed well, this isn't a bad thing, and for the most part, Lemon Grass does just this.

Lunch specials at Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen are offered every week day and include your choice of entree accompanied by a criminally small spring roll and surprisingly flavorful chicken and rice soup.

The standard Pad Thai comes in an ample lunch portion with your choice of meat (pork this time).  While solid in quantity - especially for a $6.95 price tag with everything listed above - the quality leaves a little to be desired, mainly in the form of tough, chewy pork slices that stick out amongst the soft noodles like sore thumbs.

Other dishes - included a basil curry with beef and creamy green curry with chicken - follow suit with deep, pungent flavors, but far-overcooked proteins that do nothing but bring down the otherwise solid dishes.

While regional cuisines like Thai and the like are usually expected to boast some consistency between restaurants, there's nothing - big or small - I can tell that really distinguishes Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen from the pack.

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