Thai cuisine is definitely no stranger to the Tampa Bay area.  From small, but great hole in the wall eateries to big name restaurants, the flavors of Thailand permeate the culinary landscape in Tampa with an abundance of exotic flavors and comforting dishes well-suited for anyone who appreciates a great meal in the area.

Ploy Thai in Brandon is often on the top of the roster when it comes to great Thai restaurants in Tampa serving up an assortment of traditional Thai dishes, sushi, and more from their small location situated off Highway 60.

Walk in to Ploy Thai and you're greeted with a small, but truly authentic setting adorned with big wood paneling and traditional decor you can't help but admire.  It's small, but the textbook definition of cozy.

When it comes to lunch, Ploy Thai offers a variety of menu highlights discounted and served with soup and fried sweet potato pastries.  Riddled with white rice and minuscule bits of chicken, the soup was nothing to write home about, but the sweet potato pastries shine with a hint of curry flavor that melds harmoniously with the sweet flavor.

Pad Thai is easily one of the most popular Thai dishes and Ploy Thai knows its way around a solid plate of it.  A tad on the greasier side, this ample pile of rice noodles stir fried with thin beef slices does its job, but doesn't quite reach greatness due to some tough meat and a portion size that falls on the smaller side of its peers.

If you're in or around Brandon, Ploy Thai will definitely do the trick if you're looking for a solid assortment of Thai cuisine at a fair price in an unbeatable environment.

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