"Authentic" gets thrown around a lot when describing some of the best Irish and British pubs in Tampa.  It's a nice touch and sure looks good written across the front page of the menu, but ultimately it means nothing.

Well, maybe to some, but we're easy to please here.  A solid meal, comforting environment, and the occasional big glass of beer is all I really need to be satisfied at lunch.  So, it's nice to know that even if it's corporate-y 'authenticity' kind of misses the mark, The Pub at International Plaza can still shine when it comes to what's on your plate.

The first thing that comes to mind entering this place is its massive size; two stories and lined with stained wood and kitschy British decor everywhere to complete the feel.  The waiters - ladies and gents - all wear kilts, making me wonder how fun serving on the outdoor patio would be on this dark, windy day.

Overall, it's like the Disney World of British pubs, but even Disney World's got some good food if you look hard enough.

Before the food, though, we've got to mention the awesome, self-serve beer tap system The Pub's put in place.  You give your server a credit card to put on file in exchange for a Pub card.  This Pub card allows you to pour your own beer from an ample-selection bar station by way of a touch screen you wave the card in front of.  The cost is about 34 cents per ounce which sensors inside of the taps measure.  If you're a sampler or just want to pour beer at your own pace, this thing is quite cool.

Sliders, or mini-burgers, are notoriously dry, cute, and usually terribly executed, even at the places that specialize in them, but The Pub's mini angus Pub Sliders are true knockouts.  Nestled between little pool ball-sized buns, the three Pub sliders are a simple delicacy, each served with Guinness onions and a pickle chip.

There's nothing more grossly satisfying than biting down into a hearty burger and having that greasy burger juice run down your arm.  That's with a relatively normal-sized burger, though.  I was pleasantly surprised as the juice rolled down after my first bite of this minuscule thing.  Combined with the onions and sourness of the pickle, the Pub Sliders easily rank high as the best I've ever tried.

Sound good?  Check out The Pub soon, then give your own rating and review on The Pub 813area business listing.