In most cases, you pretty much know what you're getting into when you head to a Chinese buffet; steam trays upon steam trays American-ized Chinese food fried, steamed, and heat-maintained to an optimum temperature while you pick, choose, and stuff yourself to your heart's content.

Top's China Buffet in Brandon doesn't stray far from this expectation.  Located in a strip mall off Brandon Boulevard, this Chinese mega-buffet has been a Brandon standby for tons of this far eastern fare served quick and cheap.

The buffet is a multi-table spread offering all the classics - chicken and beef stir frys, lo mein, honey chicken, spare ribs, soup - accentuated by a sushi table and hibachi grill where you pick the raw meat/veggies and they stir fry it up for you.

Nothing at Top's was overly amazing or really downright terrible either.  Fried and coated chicken pieces like the honey chicken were crisp, a good sign of constant rotation and freshness on the buffet.  Consequently, starches like the fried rice and lo mein noodles were adequately tasty, but pretty dried out.

While offering sushi at a budget lunch buffet is commendable, Top's offered just the bare minimum, some rolls filled with tiny chunks of imitation crab, a few with tuna, and not too much else.

For just under $8, it's hard to legitimately complain about much when it comes to lunch at Top's China Buffet.  They know what they offer, you know what you're getting, and we all go home ridiculously stuffed and happy.  Sometimes that's all you need.