There's not really much that tops southern fried chicken especially when it's in the South. Here is a Local's Guide to the Tastiest Fried Chicken in Tampa! We're sorry local vegetarians if fried chicken isn't your thing, but all of the Tampa restaurants featured here, also offer several other delicious options too, so no worries! 


One of the best overall restaurants in Tampa, Datz is that place! For fried chicken like no other, you have to try their "Waffles N’ Tweet," which is also a house favorite! This dish consists of a "boneless fried chicken breast, honeyed pecan butter, on top of a Belgian waffle with bourbon maple syrup and candied pecans." This twist on the classic chicken and waffles dish is what places Datz on this list! Datz is also the home to other delicious dishes such as "Biscuits & Crazy" and "Havana Hottie."

Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe

Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe is the epitome of soul food in the heart of Tampa. "Located in the heart of Seminole Heights, just minutes from Downtown Tampa, we are an eclectic independent eatery, music venue and art gallery that is dedicated to nourishing your stomach and your soul!" For a one-of-a-kind, southern fried chicken dish to set your sights on, look no further than the "Chicken & Biscuit Pot Pie." This dish consists of "crispy fried chicken in a creamy goat cheese bèchamel with corn, peas, & carrots. It's also topped with a crispy biscuit crust." Ella's also features live music on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays but the dates may vary week to week!

Mama's Southern Soul Food Kitchen

For more than just one excellent chicken dish, feast your eyes on the place with an entire chicken selection on their menu! Whether you're craving dark meat or white, jerk chicken or baked, Mama's Southern Soul Food Kitchen has it all. They even have chicken wings. All of their daily entrees also come with rice, cornbread and your choice of two sides. This restaurant is a true-southern restaurant! With offerings such as catfish nuggets, chicken gizzards and corn fritters, this place will make you feel at home!


For one of the only places in Tampa with great fried chicken at a bunch of different locations across the area, check out Publix! More than just a grocery store, their fried chicken is on-par if not better than superb fried chicken from actual sit-down restaurants. Publix's chicken tender sub is actually known across Florida and most of the surrounding southern states as being a legend of a sandwich. Think I'm overreacting? There are countless memes that show just how popular and delicious this sandwich really is! You can even smell the fried chicken being freshly cooked from outside of the grocery store most times!


PDQ Always has some of the best fried chicken tenders, sandwiches, and so many other delicious variations. If you haven't been to PDQ, you must try their several delicious sauces and crispy tenders.

Brocato's Sandwich Shop

For a Tampa staple, check out Brocato's Sandwich Shop. This restaurant has been a Tampa favorite for over 64 years! Like Publix, their fried chicken sandwich is also a customer favorite but with a unique feature - their fried chicken parmesan sandwich is MASSIVE. With cheese and plenty of sauce, this chicken sandwich is worth the trip. They're closed on Sundays so be sure to stop by during the week.

If fried chicken isn't your taste, these restaurants also offer various other items that are just as outstanding. Publix also has plenty of other subs that are great too!

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