When it comes to cuisine from around the world, the food from Thailand has a special place in our hearts.  Something about this far East cuisine loaded with palate pleasing spices and other uncommon ingredients just warms the soul.  From Pad Thai to spring rolls, stir fry dishes with coconut milk and curry, the plethora of Thai dishes is something that brings endless enjoyment.

It seems like the best Thai restaurants in Tampa never carry a big stick, though.  They're typically small, hole in the wall (for lack of a better word) type mom and pop restaurants you'd never really expect to churn out food so delicious.

Thai Island on Davis Islands in South Tampa is definitely one of these places.  A local favorite among neighborhood regulars, Thai Island is a small, 50 seat restaurant specializing in traditional and forward thinking Thai cuisine.

Stop in for dinner and enjoy a wide variety of appetizers, salads, soups, and Thai entrees.

Start off with appetizers including Bandan marinated chicken, Thai calamari with homemade plum sauce, or classic spring rolls with ground chicken, bean sprouts, a vermicelli noodles with a sweet chili sauce.

Move on to entrees and you've got a vast selection to choose from.  If it's your first time trying Thai food, the Pad Thai noodles are always a good choice; sauteed rice noodles with green bean, carrot, egg and sprouts topped with crushed peanut.  Other selections include various curries with rice, vegetables, and your choice of meat as well as soups like Tum Kha Gai and much, much more.

If you're a Thai food lover in South Tampa, stop in to Thai Island for lunch or dinner and see what they're all about.  Don't forget to give them a rate and review on the Thai Island 813area business listing after you've visited!