By: Sally Baker

Tucked away in Davis Islands are many locally owned shops and restaurants, but there is one particular place that stands out from any of the other Thai restaurants in Tampa, Thai Island.  Creatively named Thai Island, being on Davis Islands, this quaint and friendly establishment is owned by a husband and wife team who deliver impeccable service and cuisine from the appetizers and entrees to desserts and drinks.

There is something magical about the flavors that hit the palate when you take that first sip of Thai Tea that is quite simply out of this world with goodness.  Appetizers like the crab rangoon and dumplings are nearly indescribable with the sweet, fresh, hot but crunchy intensity that encompasses every part of these food choices.  Entrees at Thai Island, like the Spicy Noodle, have the most brilliant of textures and is catered to your needs if you can not handle spice very well.  Topped off with the Tapioca dessert that is very possibly made from the heavens above.  The coconut cream that surrounds the tapioca balls will vanish before your eyes as you find yourself eating the entire thing no matter how full you are.

To top off the amazing essence of this Tampa Thai restaurant, the service is so warm and friendly you will feel as though you are home.  The owners make sure you are happy with all your choices and seem to make the perfect suggestions every time, as every person's tastes and preference are different but these experienced owners know exactly what will work for each person.  It definitely helps when everything on the menu is delicious!

If you haven't experienced this one of a kind Thai restaurant in Tampa, make sure to head out to Davis Islands and find out everything you have been missing in your life when it comes to delicious food!