Every city has the age old debate as to which restaurant has the best sushi in their town, which would be the best sushi in Tampa in this case.  With so many sushi restaurants in Tampa, the decision is made even more difficult. Most can agree that the top restaurants serving sushi in Tampa are Samurai Blue, SoHo Sushi, Grille 54, Jackson’s, Joy of Tokyo, Kona Grill, Tsunami, Wasabi and The Rack.  These sushi establishments have their favorite rolls chosen by locals and in no particular order, here is what we have found:

Samurai Blue in Ybor has been a favorite for saki and sushi lovers in Tampa with signature rolls like the Blue Moon Roll and Tokyo Rock & Roll.

SoHo Sushi in South Tampa and North Tampa spots boasts an incredible staff and sushi menu.  One of the favorites here is the Volcano Roll said to be unmatched not just in Tampa, but many other cities and states.

Grille 54 comes to the scene competing to serve the best sushi in Tampa with their incredibly experienced sushi chefs serving popular signature rolls like the Nam Bomb and XO Explosion.

Jackson’s Bistro, a longtime favorite in Tampa for dining and nightlife, serve their sushi on Harbour Island overlooking the bay.  The suggested roll to try here is the California Handroll.

Joy of Tokyo is a newer sushi restaurant in North Tampa and the reviews have been beyond positive.  I have not seen so many people rave about a sushi establishment saying it is the best sushi in Tampa such as this place.  The added bonus here is that the rolls are probably the cheapest you will find in the area.  When looking at the most popular rolls to order here, you would end up ordering the majority of the menu.

Kona Grill is another favorite for the Tampa sushi crowd.  Their Crab & Lobster Roll and other specialty rolls are the most popular here.

Tsunami is popular in Tampa for both their sushi and hibachi.  Their rolls like the Double J Roll and Caterpillar Roll are most popular.

Wasabi, located in New Tampa, is a beautiful sushi and hibachi restaurant with amazing rolls that many travel miles to partake.  The Godzilla Tail, July 4th Roll and Salmon Rangoon are a few of the most popular sushi rolls ordered.

The Rack in South Tampa and The Rack in Brandon, Florida are a popular hangout for dinner, drinks, pool and of course, sushi.  Many rave about their Volcano Roll, Bomber Roll and Hawaii 5-0 Roll. The Rack is a great place for sushi specials as well!

No matter where you go to try sushi, reviews help everyone.  Make sure to review any of the places that you have an opinion about to help the debate on where the best sushi in Tampa is.