Vale Food Co. is where health meets flavor! This up and coming downtown Tampa destination is the place to be! 

This healthy food stop is just steps from the Tampa Riverwalk, so after you exercise walk over to check out the all the options, whether you love healthy smoothies or fitness bowls, this new hot spot has it all.

Their main focus is on freshness, with naturally flavored with fresh herbs & seasonings, and everything is prepared in-house... truly fresh! Their menu offers a catered feel, as you have a wide variety of options as you create your own personal health bowl.

There are two options: a small bowl with one choice of a base, protein, veggies, a flavor boost and a sauce to top it all off, or a regular bowl with double each of the options!

They have both heated and chilled bases which feature all kinds of exciting flavors, such as brown rice, veggie quinoa, daily greens, or even roasted sweet potatoes - or you can even splurge and go for their specialty chipotle mac and cheese (I highly recommend). 

Their fresh protein options are mouth-watering, with some being ancho pulled chicken, BBQ braised beef, sriracha chicken meatballs, and a popular healthy favorite being spicy tuna poke, all being guaranteed as both freshly prepped daily, antibiotic and hormone fre)! 

Of course top it all off with some guacamole, local sprouts, corn salsa, goat cheese, avocado caesar, chipotle ranch, and much much more! They also feature a selection of popular acai bowls - with a variety of fresh fruit toppings! 

So if you find yourself craving a healthy bite in downtown Tampa, why not come check out the healthiest joint in town- Vale Food Co!